The First Books I Reviewed

I had so much fun last week with the Top Ten Tuesday tag, that I’ve decided it will definitely have to fit in with my weekly schedule. Check out That Artsy Reader Girl, who hosts this fabulous bookish meme. This week’s topic is “The First Books I Reviewed.”

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The Woman in Cabin 10 – Current Read

Have you ever had an author that you obsess over EVERY new book they release? I’m talking about have you ever actually considered being one of THOSE fans. You know the ones. They show up at midnight for book releases even though the store isn’t holding a party, they religiously follow all social media for the writer and post comments speaking as if they know the person because in their minds they SO do, and they talk to family and friends, referring to the author by first name, like they’re BFFs? Yeah, that’s kind of me with Ruth Ware. Ever since I first heard an interview featuring her on a podcast, I was hooked. She sounds like an amazingly cool person and her writing is phenomenal. I just HAD to read The Woman In Cabin 10.

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The Breakdown – Current Read

This month’s theme for my unread shelf project, my attempt to read down my book stacks, has been suspense and thriller books. So far, I’ve barely put a dent in the conservative list I created for the month. I didn’t feel like reading one book a week would be difficult to keep up with, but life has a way of proving me wrong. Every. Time.

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Six For Sunday: Books From My Childhood

Sundays will be all about Six For Sunday, a new bookish tag I’ll be joining in from Steph at A Little But A Lot. Every Sunday will feature a new list of six with a book theme. This week’s theme is “Books From My Childhood.”

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A Double Life – Book Review

Over the summer, NetGalley gave me the opportunity to read the the newest suspense thriller from Flynn Berry. Already known for her first novel, Edgar Award winning Under the Harrow, (which I STILL haven’t read, yet) she’s been at the top of my to-be-read pile for some time.

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Blue Lightning – Current Read

If you love mysteries and haven’t read Ann Cleeves Shetland series…well, go pick up one now! Much like her popular Vera series, also a fantastic television show, Shetland is set within some amazingly beautiful locales, which Cleeves describes so well. Continue reading “Blue Lightning – Current Read”

Stranger Diaries – Book Review

It’s always nerve wracking when your favorite author goes out on a limb and tries something new. I’ve been a massive fan of Elly Griffiths for several years and love her Ruth Galloway series and so I was excited but a little anxious to delve into her newest standalone mystery, Stranger Diaries. Continue reading “Stranger Diaries – Book Review”

The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane – Review

With the popularity of the young adult genre skyrocketing over the last few years, it feels as if the middle grade level books have been somewhat left behind. But never fear…they’re still being written and at a much higher quality level than ever before. Continue reading “The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane – Review”

Nobody’s Sweetheart Now – Book Review

I’m going to start off by saying I had no idea what to expect from a mystery written by a well loved romance author. I’m just not a fan of my mysteries being too mushy gushy. However, I ended up being so incredibly impressed by this new novel, Nobody’s Sweetheart Now, from Maggie Anderson. Continue reading “Nobody’s Sweetheart Now – Book Review”

The Writer’s Map – Book Review

The Writer’s Map, a new book of maps by Huw Lewis Jones, has to be one of the most interesting concepts for a book that I’ve seen in quite some time. Within its pages, the reader is introduced to the great imaginary literary worlds and the maps that inspired them and the maps that came from their stories and descriptions. Continue reading “The Writer’s Map – Book Review”